National Service Framework

Group training for young adults with disabilities who volunteer for Israeli National Service

Group training for National Service volunteers with physical, sensory, and hearing disabilities. The group sessions allow for training workshops, peer counselling, and sharing experiences of the national service experience in order to increase the chances of successful service.

More Programs

Wings, Carmel, Koach and Almustaqbal - Comprehensive Independent Living Training Programs, in which young adults aged 18-28 with disabilities experience and train in independent living in community apartments (communes) and deal with shared challenges.
The program accompanies young people and adults with disabilities who reside, or wish to transition, to independent living in the community.
A social club catering to deaf and hearing-impaired youth, where they acquire and enhance their social skills and life skills.
Supporting deaf and hearing-impaired young men and women in the volunteer track towards significant service in the IDF
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