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Kivunim is dedicated to empowering young adults with disabilities to achieve independence and become active members of their communities. For over 20 years, our programs have been providing valuable support and guidance to young adults with disabilities as they navigate the path towards independent living and community integration. Our ultimate vision is a world where individuals with disabilities are acknowledged as capable, independent, and valuable contributors to society.

At Kivunim, we believe in focusing on strengths and abilities. Our programs are designed to build self-confidence, enhance independence and self-management skills, and foster social inclusion. We cater to individuals with physical disabilities, sensory impairments (vision/hearing), chronic illness and associated disorders, as well as high-functioning young adults with autism. Our program participants are enthusiastic about achieving independence, taking control of their lives, and making meaningful contributions to society.

  • Our programs include:

Life Preparatory Programs for Independent Living: Our life-preparatory programs serve as transitional frameworks, bridging the gap between living with parents and independent living. The program is aimed at young adults (ages 18-30) with disabilities. These successful rehabilitative programs have been in operation for approximately 20 years and have been adopted by various organizations, including the Ministry of Welfare. With a community of over 210 alumni, 76% of whom are employed, 34 married, and 82% living independently, our programs have proven to be transformative in equipping participants with self-management and independence skills.

Currently, the program includes 45 training apartments that cater to around 120 beneficiaries. The program framework focuses on group living and the development of essential life skills such as everyday management, financial literacy, health maintenance, social interactions, and community involvement. Participants also have the opportunity to volunteer in the IDF/National Service and receive vocational and pedagogical training, which enhances their confidence and provides valuable experience. Our program apartments, located in Nahariya and Haifa, are integrated into diverse communities, facilitating socialization through interactions with neighbours and public transportation. We provide extensive support during the initial stages and gradually empower our beneficiaries to become self-governing individuals.

Our Life Preparatory programs include:

  • Wings: Designed for participants with physical and/or sensory disabilities.
  • Carmel: Catering to high-functioning young adults with autism.
  • Koach (“strength”): Specifically tailored for participants with hearing impairments.
  • Al-mustaqbal (“the future”): Developed to meet the needs of Arabic-speaking participants.

In addition to our Life Preparatory programs, Kivunim offers a range of other initiatives to support individuals with disabilities across a wider age range.

  • Supportive Housing: assists people with disabilities (ages 21-50) in living independently within the community.
  • ‘Koach Ha’Noar’ (‘Youth Power’): a youth club for hearing impaired youth ages 12-28.                               (‘’koach’ means strength in Hebrew, and is also the acronym in Hebrew for ‘deaf and hearing impaired).
  • ‘Koach in uniform’: supporting hearing impaired young adults in their IDF service.
  • ‘Kivuney Derech’ (‘road signs’): our life-preparatory programs alumni club

Overall, we provide services to approximately 450 people with disabilities each year.

Kivunim actively collaborates with the Ministry of Welfare, JDC Israel, Bituach Leumi, and multiple philanthropic funds to develop innovative initiatives and programs aimed at promoting the inclusion and social integration of individuals with disabilities.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Gidi Zur, CEO and Co-Founder – gidi@kvn.org.il

Michal Nitzany, Resource Development Director – michal@kvn.org.il

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