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About us

Kivunim: New Directions for Special Needs Youth in Israel is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 by and for young people with disabilities. It provides services to individuals age 10-40 with physical disabilities, sensory disabilities and chronic illness associated disorders, brain injuries, hearing impaired/deaf, and high functioning young adults on the autism spectrum. All our participants have normal cognitive abilities and are motivated to leave their parents’ home/hostel and live independently within the community. Our services are available to all sectors of society, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Kivunim advances and empowers young people with disabilities through innovative programs that emphasize capabilities and strengths. Our programs include rehabilitative social clubs, supportive housing, occupational training and unique activities that promote independence and integration into society. They steer individuals with disabilities towards meaningful and productive lives and render them active agents rather than passive recipients of state services. Our programs are developed in partnership with organizations such as JDC – Israel Unlimited, Ashalim and the Department of Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Our programs include:

–       Mechinot Knafayim (Wings Program): is a two-year transitional program that bridges between the parents' home and independent living. The framework combines group living, life-skills enhancement (every-day living skills, leisure time, health issues managements, etc.), volunteer work, academic study, as well as vocational training and placement. The program is aimed for young adults with disabilities aged 18-30. The program operates in several paths: young adults with physical disabilities ages 18-21, most of which participate in National Service (sherut leumi), and ages 23 and up (most of which seek jobs/studies opportunities). Various sub-program include participants who are hearing impaired, high functioning autistics, and with physical disabilities from the Arab community. While the participants of the Wings program come from all around Israel, Kivunim currently operates 26 training apartments in the Western Galilee: Haifa, Bustan Hagalil, and Nahariya.

–       The Shop for Meaning: a unique vocational training center for young adults with disabilities, which offers hands-on internship opportunities and job skill enhancement in commerce and sales.

–       Cycling Club: An active cycling club including tandems and special bikes for different types of needs. The club operates once a week and includes 30 participants and volunteers.

–       B’Govah Einayim – an informal youth group for blind adolescents/teens (aged 10-18) based on a youth movement model. Facilitated by teams of volunteers (students or discharged soldiers), the program provides peer socializing opportunities, social action projects and recreational activities.

–       Simane Derech: An afternoon enrichment program for hearing-impaired and deaf youth.  Its meetings are held 3 times a week, providing informal education activities and communication skills.

–       Training Apartments: Kivunim's newest project, for high school students with hearing impairments and deafness, where they spend an overnight in a training apartment, acquiring and practicing life skills.

–       Supportive Housing Project: this pilot project is held in partnership with JDC. It offers a support system for people with disabilities who live and function independently in the community, including assistance in locating an apartment and adapting it to meet one's needs, basic repairs, a 24 hour Hotline and counselor guidance

For more information please feel free to contact:

Gidi Zur, Executive Director

Michal Nitzany, Resource Development Director


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